Kathmandu Javascript Meetup

/Episode 04, 2015

September 26th 11:00am - 1:00pm

National College of Information Technology


  1. session #1

    Getting Started With ReactJS

    @ 11:00am

    Krishna Sunuwar talked about how developers can get started with ReactJS. According to Mr. Sunuwar in order to be learn React JS one should have knowledge about following terms: HTML, DOM and virtual DOM. Props (attributes of React which is useful for unidirectional data-flow) State(attribute of React unlike props it is used for multi-directional data-flow) Event and Forms. He also gave some logical formula to build webpage using react. Have UI mock. Break UI into component hierarchy. Build static version of React first. Identify minimal representation of UI state. Identify where state should live.

    1. profile picture

      Krishna Sunuwar

      CEO at Ontreat

  2. session #2

    How We Visualized Nepal's Development using React

    @ 12:00pm

    Pratik Gautam talked about how his team, in collaboration with Google, created the visualizations for Nepal's Development Indicators on Nepal Planning Commissions new website using ReactJS

    1. profile picture

      Pratik Gautam

      UI/UX Developer at Kathmandu Living Labs



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